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Curriculum Reviews

Apologia Science

I have been longing to find a good science curriculum that would cover science from beginning to end and would be hands on and would also guide me, the non-science person, all the way through each subject. I have found that curriculum. I was given Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day by Apologia. Now I have heard of this company and heard great things from them, but I have to admit when I first saw the textbook, I thought it was going to be just like public school textbooks. Boy was I wrong!

In this book, your children will begin exploring the dynamics of flight and animal classification, understanding why the design we see in these incredible creatures points us to our Creator God. Ok, I have to admit, the first chapter is a little on the technical side and typical of a textbook, but then, get ready for the exciting adventure of learning about birds, bats and then into flying insects. Your children will learn how to attract various bird species to your yard and identify them by looking at their special physical characteristics, diverse nests, and interesting domestic practices. They will also learn the anatomy and the glorious design that enables birds to do remarkable things. After becoming amateur ornithologists, your children will explore the world of chiropterology, which is the study of bats.
Jeannie Fulbright has done it. She basically put down in one book everything I wanted. She gave me clear reading text, projects that do not consist of breaking my piggy bank, a list of all the supplies I will need for each project, note-booking and all this learning is fun and for those of you who love Charlotte Mason, this curriculum is built in that type of learning environment. But for those of us who are not Charlotte Mason teachers, it works perfectly for us too.

They also have a complete notebooking package that you can purchase to go along with your curriculum that gives you a course of study as well as all the notebooking pages, cutouts for lapbook projects and many other projects to complete in a beautiful spiral bound journal. Now I did not have this for  Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day but we just purchase our Exploring Creation with Astronomy book for next year and I did purchase the Exploring Creation with Astronomy Notebooking Journal to go with it. I have to admit I was unsure about it before I purchased it, but after I got it and read through it, I think this is going to be a lot better then the one we put together ourselves from this past year. it will be complete, neat and organized!

Here is the best part. Her curriculum really focuses on GOD’S creation. I mean it really comes alive. I’ll tell you a secret! I have learned sooooo much! Oh, and my kids have too! LOL! We look at birds and bugs in a totally different way now! We have an appreciation for them, yes even insects, that we never had before!

There are 14 lessons all together in the Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day and each lesson should take about 2-3 weeks to do. We only have science two times a week sometime only once so we tend to go 3 weeks. So needless to say, it is extremely flexible.

I have found my science curriculum form Kindergarten all the way through High school. This is it. Apologia! I so very highly recommend this curriculum. At least give it a try. Oh, did I mention that Apologia elementary science is only $25.00 to 35.00 per book? Depending on which book you buy. And the Notebook Journals are $24.00 each. Yea, you read it right. I have looked at some science curriculums that are hundreds of dollars. So you really do not have too much to loose and a whole lot to gain!

I give this a full 5 out of 5

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