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Curriculum Reviews

All Owsl; A Fun Study

Growing up my father loved owls. That was his favorite animal. When he died I inherited several of his statues and knick-knacks of owls and they are all around my home. Now that my kids are older I think it may be time to explain exactly what these wonderful creations that my Dad was so fascinated with are all about with a “Fun Studies” from Homeschool Bits.
Homeschool Bits has several of these “Fun Studies” and they are all effortless and the standard grade level for each of their units is Kindergarten to about 5th grade. The luxury of using these units is everything is prepared for you. At the conclusion of each of their units they give you an ample list of web sites to visit if you want to further study the magnificent owl. Or you can just use the “Fun Studies“ on its own. I really like these “Fun Studies” and my kids have been enjoying them too.
All Owls; A Fun Study is a fantastic petite sized unit study that also incorporates copy-work and a lap book all in one 25 page “Fun Studies”. They incorporated it for all ages from kindergarten to 5th grade and it easily fit into this homeschoolers day. We spent about 15 minutes on it and it took us about 2 days to finish. Not bad and they will always remember all they learned about owls.
Homeschool Bits has all the information needed to learn about dads dear old friend the owl and they have added some questions as well as word search puzzles, mazes, diagrams and coloring pages. They also provide brilliant colored photos of many different types of owls. The lap book resources, folds and flaps that are included are left blank so you can fill them in as you want. They suggestion that you go back to the lesson and write the information or facts that would match the picture on the front of the folds.
I think All Owls; A Fun Study by Homeschool Bits is a great addition to any homeschoolers curriculum. It is only a $1.00. You have nothing to loose and a lot of information to gain!
I give this a 5 out of 5

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