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Homeschooling: All Things

A New school year is ready to start

Well for the last couple weeks I have been cleaning out and getting rid of thing. I ordered all my books months ago and got them but they have been sitting in a corner waiting and waiting for me to organized my schoolroom. So it is a new year and my son is going into Jr. High so I decided to re-vamp my school room a bit and give a more grown up feeling.

I completely tore apart my desk and even the wall above my desk. I made our curriculum subject boxes less elementary looking and gave them a mature look by adding a black background, which drowns out the books so they are less noticable and adding tags that are uniform. I also covered my ugly tan file cabinet with black contact paper. It looks beautiful!!!!! Several of the pictures and furnishing got a black paint job to add to this uniformity. Not to mention just an overall organization of everything including all the books they have outgrown. Those, fortunately, we keep in a cabinet in the garage.

One of the things that just really bothered me about my schoolroom was that is was not cohesive. The colors were all over the place, even the furniture. My desk, since we got the new laptop, has not felt comfortable. So to give my room a feeling of being all together I kept with a simple earth tone color scheme. Rusty brown, tan and black. There are a few very small pops of red here and there, but nothing major. Oh, My Gosh! It feels so much better. I love it! it is so me now. I LOVE a more modern look with a little earth tones added to it. Beautiful!

As I said, organization was the key. I also finally cleaned out my desk. It has been about 3 years since I did it. Yea, I know, I know, but when you got little fingers in and out of your desk that NEVER put things back properly, well, I guess I got discouraged. Now, as you will see in the pictures, it is all in order without question! No one will ever have to ask where things are. You can’t miss it! I threw away SOOOOO much junk. WOW!

I decided to STOP the ‘What are we doing today?”  question. So I posted on the side of my file cabinet our daily schedule for each day. This will allow the kids to see what subject we will be working on for that day. Hope this helps. Probably not, but one can hope! Right???

My cork board is organized now with clip boards. 2 large ones keep the resource papers/charts, one for English grammar and the other for Math. This looks so much better then all those papers that are usually up there with a 1,000 holes in them by the end of the year. I also have 2 small ones for all those little scrap of papers that you just don’t know what to do with it. My kids have been instructed they are NOT to hang anything on this cork board. They have a huge door that leads to our kitchen that I glued cork to. That will work for all the school papers over the year!

Well, I hope this encourages you to get going and clean up your school room and make it cohesive, comfortable and organized. It’s almost here, yes school. So if you have not done it by now, today is a good day to start.

We start school on Sept 8, 2014. So we have one more week! Talk to you soon!

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