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Homeschooling: All Things

2013-2013 School Year: Week 16

You know, I found out this week that using a balloon for a helmet may not be the best thing in the world. Wait till you see the pictures below. Anyhow, the kids had a blast making a paper mache helmet even if it was like a hallow basketball on their heads. LOL!!! The whole purpose was to let them have fun while learning how to paper mache and learn about ancient Greek armor. The funny thing is my son chose the color brass to paint his. A nice manly and probably accurate color. My daughter…pink. Well, I guess we have pink armor. LOL

Science was a blast this week. We learned so much about leaves. As you will see from the pictures below it really consumed our week. But it was so well worth it! We were able to find all the leaves we needed right here in our front and back yard. We were able to classify each leaf on our notebook pages. Now for those of you who have read and followed my blog for a while now, you all know my daughter is the one who always says "I don't remember" to everything. Well, not this week. She was raising her hand and answering all the question. I was so proud of her and I think in the back of her mind she was proud of herself! YEA!

We incorporated an art project with our science this week. My son made a chart of the different shapes of leaves and my daughter made a poster of leaf arrangement as well as the anatomy of a leaf. They did such a great job. It took a while but they were so proud of the work they did. We have them hanging in our school room and they have been a great reference all week.

Well, I know it is a short post this week, but it has been a very hard week and I am tired and really wanting to just go lay down. I hope the pictures tell the story well! Have a great week and see you next week.


 Making faces Science Notebook Science Notebook Science Notebook Found so many leaves Found so many leaves Found so many leaves Pretty whorled leaf More leaves Here's one mom Monocot Pretty red stem I love these What a pretty edge Picking leave for science Picking leave for science Leaf arrangement as anatomy by daughter Making faces The shapes of leave by my son Son and his art-science project Sons Creative Writing Geography daughter Geography Son Pink of course. Didn;t know men of ancient Geece wore pink?!?! Pink of course Painting Painting a nice manl color...brass Ok Mom, its fun Arrggg! I'm coming for you  Uugg it does nt fit Urrggg! Fight Hmm, A baloon may not make the best shape for a helmet Paper Mache is so fun daughter and her art-science project daughter writing of name in Greek Making our Greek Helmets daughters map of civilized Greeks  sons map of civilized Greeks daughters civilized greeks civilized greeks daughters map of early  greeks sons map of early greeks sons coloring page daughters coloring page sons wirting of name in greek

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