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Homeschooling: All Things

2012-2013 School Year: Week 21

Well, we do not have a ton of picture this week, but even so we still had a great week.

Last week if you will recall, we placed 2 carrots in water. One was colored water and the other was just plain water. The idea was to see how this root vegetable sucks up the water and how it gets disbursed into the carrot. As you can see by the pictures below, it was a wonderful experiment. The one in the regular water of course showed us nothing, but you can see the blue throughout the whole carrot left in the colored water.

One of the things we work on every week is creative writing for my son. This is an area of tears in some cases. Usually we work it together and I write out his story on a piece of paper and he copies it. This week I tried something a little different. 

We still worked out his story, but instead of writing the whole thing out I wrote an outline for him. This gives him the main ideas of what he is going to write about, helps with the spelling of the larger words and keeps the tension down so he can get it done. It still took him a long time to do it, but he did it. I guess this is one area we will just have to keep working on.

OK, so you will notice there are not many things for history this week, well that is because I messed up and forgot to take pictures. Oh well. What we did read about this week was all about ancient Americas.

We just started the reading and mapping this week and did not get to the project, so you will see that on next weeks picas. So we read about the Nazca drawing in South America, the Olmec heads  in Central America as well as the Indians of Northern America. It was a very short and quick lesson about these people, but mainly because there really is not a lot of written ancient information out there and I think the author of our history book was just wanting us to get the idea of other people out there at the same time as the Greeks and Romans.

Our Geography term for the week was crevasse and I love the kids pictures they drew for Geography. . OK, I had to share my drawing. I was actually pretty proud of it! Sometimes I amaze myself. 

Alright, enough boasting. Have a great week and see you all on the flip side!


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