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Salem Ridge Books

I was sent three books, The American Twins of the Revolution, Glaucia the Greek Slave and Mary Jane all by Salem Ridge Press. Believe it or not a homeschool teenager who wanted to bring some of that old wonderful literature from the days gone by started this company. This is one company that

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Curriculum Reviews

Trigger Memory System

Trigger Memory System, has fantastic tool for your children. Clean n’ Flip Charts. Now what are these charts you ask. They are flip charts for your children that explain how to clean their room, bathroom, kitchen and do their laundry. I have been lookig at these for some time now and I was

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Little Man in the Map by Schoolside Press

I absolutely hated geography in school. I never memorized the U.S.A. states and where they were, but then I was given this cute book called The Little Man in the Map, by E. Andrew Martonyi, illustrated by Ed Olson, Schoolside

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When a Child Acts Out in Public to Get Their Way

When your child acts out in public to get their way, you CAN get control back. Here, James Lehman, MSW lays out some step-by-step techniques for you to use next time you hit the mall or grocery store.

I’ve worked with many parents over the years who routinely gave in when their children acted

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Curriculum Reviews

All About Spelling

I did it! I found the best spelling program ever! The program name is All About Spelling. The program is so versatile. It can start at All About Spelling


Splish Book from TOS

And Then Mama Said…”It Takes Time to Learn to Read”. Isn’t that such a true statement? We sometimes forget this as a homeschooler and try to rush and push our children to keep up with so and

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The Future Belongs to Our Children

OK, so I know there is this continuous battle between the public school Christians and the Homeschooling Christians. A lot of times the public school Christians feel

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Spears Art Studio, inc.

Art can be a touchy subject to teach I think. Why you ask? Because at a young age, say 3-8 years old or so, you want to keep it fun, but still get some basic art concepts taught and some art appreciation too. Yet you have to be careful not to bore the heck out

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Homeschool Bloggers New Blog

Hi Homeschool Crew! A new blog was launched last week all about the Schoolhouse Store and they would love it if you could give it some attention! The blog address is: www.homeschoolblogger.com/storespotlight.

They just did a drawing and gave away 10 of the Homeschool Planners to some of their earliest subscribers to the

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Nativity Set Giveaway

Hey remember the Nativity set I reviewed from One 2 Believe? Well, one of my associated form The Old School Hose Review Team is having a contest and she is giving away her nativity set. You can go to

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Hot Topic for Discussion

Now I think most people would agree that when a certain gene in an animal is not used over an extremely long period of time that the gene goes dormant. Would you say that in the animal kingdom most male animals find a female animal to procreate so that their species can live on and

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Gay Pledge Cards in Calif. Schools

Now I know allot of my friends are saying…Oh I am not worried about this homosexual thing coming to my school. I have Christian teachers. Or worst yet they are putting on the rose colored glasses and thinking it will never

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Curriculum Reviews

Rime to Read Review

What is a Rimes you ask? They are words that sound and look alike. Such as Hat, Cat, Mat, Sat etc. So what is a Rhyme? Rhymes are words that sound alike but usually do not look alike.

Lynn Klaiman and Dr. Sara Hines, PhD, at Rime to Read developed an interactive, educational,

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November: Amusing Math Module

I just got my hands on the November Module of The Old School House Planner. I have all their modules so far and have used much of each one of them. This one I am not as satisfied with as I

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Another Reason To Homeschool Our Kids

I suppose this sort of thing shouldn’t be shocking. You have to go to the original site that wrote the article and see the video. Pretty bad!!!! This Article is by Charlie Sykes

This is a video of Diantha Harris, a lifelong democrat and avid Barack Obama supporter. She is also a lousy schoolteacher,

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Working Replica of Noah’s Ark

Ok you have to see this working Replica of Noah’s Ark Opened in SCHAGEN, Netherlands. This is the most incredible thing I have ever seen. I wish it were here in the USA. But since it is not you have to go to the site and see the pictures. It is the most spectacular

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Please Don’t Jump into Homeschooling Blindly

by Andrea Hermitt, Education Examiner When I started homeschooling my children over five years ago, I noticed that the vast majority of people had little understanding of what homeschooling meant. People

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Homeschooling: All Things

I Made My Own Theme Study

I am so proud of myself. After weeks of searching site after site I never found a theme study on clocks. No not one on time, but one on clocks. I ended up spending 4 days researching different sites on the subject. I found a couple great sites that gave me most of the information

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File Folder Games

Oh boy oh boy! I just found a great site. File Folder Games I love file folder games and I have spent many a day and night trying to find some free ones on the Internet. Now this site pops up. I guess I am not the only one out there wanting this too.

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The Socialism of Public Schooling

The Socialism of Public SchoolingBy Jacob G. Hornberger

While the nation is on the subject of socialism, we really ought to talk about public schooling. With the possible exception of the military, it’s the best example of a socialist institution one could ever find. It’s not a coincidence that public schooling is one of Fidel

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The Missing Link

I just finished reading a great easy read extremely descriptive book titled, “The Missing Link: Found”. This is the

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