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Can Homeschooling an public education Coexist

Andrea Hermitt from the Education Examiner wrote a great short article with a question. Homeschoolers like to point out problem with public schools. Public educators want to call homeschoolers out of touch. But can Homeschooling an public education Coexist? think it can. Otherwise, why would I as a homeschooler write a blog on education?


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The Best Place To Teach Children Is In The HOME

I found the greatest article on homeschooling. It sums it all up in a very brief article!!!!!

The FamilymanTodd Wilson, Familyman Ministries

After a quick Google search, I found that the term Home Economics was coined in 1899. I’m guessing that some pubic The Best Place To Teach Children Is In The HOME

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The Old School House Focus Group

Yea, I was excepted to the focus group. I am so excited. I can not wait to start giving my opinion on homeschooling products. I can make a difference in the homeschool community! YEA!

I am so looking forward to The Old School House Focus Group


Extra Activities, Helping or Hindering?

You know Heart of the Matter asked a very good question. Do all the extra activities WE have our children do help or hinder our family time. I am going to make it real sweet and simple. Hinder.

I know some mothers who have their child in a cooking class, (like she can’t teach her

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Ok, so I am not that savvy on politics. Never have been! But I really think this year is soooo very important. Now most of you know I am very conservative so obviously I like McCain. He is a TRUE American. He LOVES our country and will lay down his life for it. Well, he

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I can’t Attitude

You know what bothers me the most about homeschooling? The I can’t Attitude my son has sometimes. I think if he were in public school he would be in so much trouble all the time, teased, in the principles office etc.

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School starting

Well, its that time of year again. School is starting for us on the 15th. I have to admit this year I am a little scared. Sounds funny coming from me. Well, even though Vincent is in 2nd grade because of

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Shes OK

Yea,! She is ok. She is back to normal now. Thank God. looks like it might have been a reaction to her estrogen! Now after reading the warnings on the package it said it can cause stroke,

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