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Roller Coasters, Download N Go™ Series

Roller Coasters, Download N Go™ Series By Amanda Bennett is actually very easy to use and laid out agreeably for any homeschool teacher. It really could not be simpler to use! She has given you plenty of resources, like books, which she give you the ISBN numbers for those books (nice), as well as links for videos, which I love that idea. But as always, make sure you pre-watch any online video before you let your kids watch. Worksheets ar included to complete either orally for the younger students or written for the older students, vocabulary sheets etc.
Roller Coasters, Download N Go™ Series is a one-week unit study, with just five daily lessons and a lapbook you put together daily. On each day she tells you exactly what to do and what parts of the lap book to prepare, what book to read etc. I like that there is little preparation or expensive items that are required with this series other then the few things you may need for the lapbook like scissors, tape and glue.
All you have to do for the lapbook is print and cut it out. It is in full color and ready for your child to add his or her writing, vocabulary words or artistic renditions etc. You can use the lapbook components either as your traditional lapbook, or in a notebooking style if you would like. One of my favorite parts was on Day 3 there is a "Just For Fun" section and she gives you a link to go build your own roller coaster and see how it rates on the Fun-O-Meter. My son will LOVE this and your kids will to. Ok, so I spent 20 minutes building my roller coaster too. It’s a computer game that is safe, fun and still in the learning mode!
The activities are designed to be one per day and Roller Coasters Download and Go is only 1 week long. The best part is it is really easy to fit into the schedule. Each days study does not take hours and hours to do. And this would be a great way to take a break from the same old same old in your schedule. If your child has asked you several questions in the past about roller coaster and you sit there and say…”Remind me when we get home so I can look that up”, then this would work for you. You can pick up your copy at The Old Schoolhouse.

4 out of 5

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