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Curriculum Reviews

Let’s Learn About Sea Mammals

Now this is my kind of unit study. I like it when people write a course and put in everything you need. Another words you open the pdf and print it out and just go to town. This is what Ann Huss has done with her Let’s Learn About Sea Mammals unit study.
There are 20 chapters all dealing with different subjects of sea Mammals such as breathing under water, teeth of sea mammals, languages, anatomy as well as going into some specific sea mammals.
Each chapter in Let’s Learn About Sea Mammals or as they call it unit, is broken down into several parts. You first have the information, which is your reading stage. The reading is very easy so I feel most children from grade 2 up could do the reading themselves and for the younger kids, you read to them. Once the reading is done they have 3 different activities for your child to do to help them to remember what they have read. The wonderful things about the activities they are not all fill in the blanks. They have mapping, word search, cross word puzzles, drawing, a few coloring pages, math problem, creative writing. Gosh I could go on, but I don’t want to give away all the stuff you will find.
All in all I think this is a wonderful unit study. Simple Schooling will be on my list of unit studies to purchase when I am looking for a full theme/unit study that is COMPLETE. If you get a chance check out all the other unit studies they have from CurrClick.
I give Lets Learn About Sea Mammals by J. Ann Huss with Simple Schooling, which happens to be only $15.00 a 5 out of 5.

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