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Homeschooling: All Things

School 2012-2013: Week 4

This week for Bible we read about Sodom and Lot and his family. I was waiting for a question or two about what exactly was going on there, but not a one. Whew! We then went on

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Homeschooling: All Things

School 2012-2013 Week 3

School so far is going great. This week for Bible we have learned the stories of Abraham and Sarah, Hagar and Ishmael as well as Isaac and all of the stories that go along with them. As you can see by their sweet

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Homeschooling: All Things

School 2012-2013 Week 2

Well, another week down. I can not believe it has been two weeks already into the school year. Wow, how time flies. Anyhow, we had another good week. My son and I did have a couple migraines this week each that

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Homeschooling: All Things

School 2012 Week 1

We had a wonderful first week of school. We were all a little tired after school each day due to the extra brain power we were putting out, but other then that my schedule and timing for each subject was spot on. I guess after doing this for 6 years I have become a pro

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