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Composer Study Contest

You know ,Composer studies have been one of the areas I have not done well in over the last 5 years of homeschooling. So when I was directed to take a look at World's Greatest Composer Volume #1 for a well rounded composer study that includes Notebooking as well as Lapbooking, I figured I

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HOD Week in Review

Heart of Dakota: Bigger week 16

Back to school this week. As you all know I had to take off last week because I did not have a voice to teach with. I still can not sing a lyc, but at least I can teach. So this

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Chart Your Course To High School Success!

I know some of you are much closer then I am to the Highschool years, So when I saw this eamail from The Homeschool Channel, I thought I had to post it here. If you can not make it I am sure there is a way to get a mp3 of it. Just send

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California History


Fourth Grade California History Education Program     Dear Irvine Park Railroad Friends,

We are now accepting reservations for Irvine Park Railroad's Fourth Grade California California History


Blackline Maps for FREE

I am a firm believer in using map as much as you possibly can. As a child growing up I remember that maps were only used in geography and even then it was minimal. Therefore as an adult I really had a hard time knowing where things were when people would talk about world events.

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Homeschooling: All Things


  L LLL aryngitis   /ˌlærənˈdʒaɪtɪs/ [lar-uhn-jahy-tis]   Inflammation of the larynx, often with accompaning sore thorat, horseness or loss of voice, and dry cough.  

 It is always amazing to me the grace of God. Every year, right around the begining of December or so, I have gotten laryngitis, ever

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HOD Week in Review

Heart of Dakota: Bigger Week 15

We had an exceptionally fantastic week this week. You see my daughter took a huge step in school this week. Usually she can sometimes be disruptive during the readings and when I ask her to retell, of course after I Continue reading Heart of Dakota: Bigger Week 15


Free Study Guide To The U.S. Constitution

I saw the other day, Charles Vincent from the "Official Wire" online paper saw that The People's Guide to the US Constitution American Handbook Publishing has just released a free Educator’s, Homeschool and Self-Study guides to the United States Constitution which is available at www.constitutionguide.com. These accessory texts (you still have to buy the book) to

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Homeschooling: All Things

Proud to be an American

As we learn about early American history, I realize more and more how happy I am to be an American. And my children are realizing how much freedom we really do have here is the United States of America. Yes,

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HOD Week in Review

Heart of Dakota: Bigger Week 14

My poor little girl was very sick for the first three days of school this week. I have to admit, as bad as it may sound, that it was actually really nice to only Heart of Dakota: Bigger Week 14