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Heart of Dakota Week 4 update

Ok, so this week was not as exciting and good as last week, BUT, it had nothing to do with our curriculum. We were just having an off week. Everyday seemed to start later then we wanted. I was having a

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Homeschooling: All Things

Tanaka Farms has Free Petting Zoo!

Hey all you Southern California residents, Fall is here and the pumpkins are flourishing at Tanaka Farms! Opening weekend is here for the Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch. Yes, that is this weekend Oct 1 and 2nd.  For their opening weekend they are giving us a treat. FREE Petting Zoo with a purchase of a wagon ride

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Local Mom Review

50 Years for Tustin Tillers Days

Rustin in Tustin is a great blog for all the happenings here in the Tustin, California area as well as just outside of Tustin. I go to them alot for things to do here in my home town. Plus they have some great things you can buy that have TUSTIN on it. As

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HOD Week in Review

Seashore Videos For Bigger Hearts

 I had several people write to me saying they live in an area where they are not even close to a beach and they are also are using the Heart of Dakota Bigger Hearts. So I had put some great links to some videos in one of the comments section, but I figured there were

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Curriculum Reviews

Heart of Dakota Week 3 Update

Well, this week was pretty good. Our hick up was Math for my son. You see my son hates math. Probably somehow my fault in the earlier years, but none the less, he hates it and therefore is about 6 months behind his "grade" or "age".

(Just FYI, I figured out how to do a

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Homeschool Toolbar

Have some of you ever wondered what other homeschool blogs are out there that are about homeschooling? Have you done a search on Google or whatever other search engine you use and have come up with blogs that are just not what you are looking for? I found a great add on for your internet bar.

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Curriculum Reviews

Heart Of Dakota Week 2 Update

As suspected, we had another wonderful week. Currently we are learning about things on the sea shores and I finally thought to myself on Monday after school. "Self,' I said, "You live in Sunny Southern California, why the heck are you

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Homeschooling: All Things

Help Me I am Failing at Homeschooling

I wanted to repost this letter here and share my answer to this common homeschooling problem with first timers as well as veteran homeschoolers. If you have ideas to share, please post your answers too.



This is our 1st yr. home schooling after 3 years of Public Help Me I am Failing at Homeschooling

Curriculum Reviews

Trying a New Curriculum: Heart of Dakota Week 1

This year I am trying a whole new curriculum for History, Geography, Timeline, Notebooking, Poetry, Bible and Science etc. Heart of Dakota. A friend showed

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Homeschooling: All Things

Heartfelt Music

You know a while back I use to be in a group called Heartfelt. It was originally a quartet then we made it into 5 girls then 6 and went back to 5 and finally back to 4. Anyway, we recorded a CD just for fun and to be able to give other churches a look at

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Homeschooling Library

BOOKS ARE EXPENSIVE! I'd love to add a ton of educational literature to my homeschool library, but purchasing them can be extremely expensive. Well I found a place to go to build my library without spending hundreds of dollars. Homeschool Library. Two Moms got together and decided to provide homeschoolers and non homeschoolers alike with

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