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Local Mom Review

Lux Salon

I won a $50.00 gift certificate about a year ago from FISH FM and I have never used it. Tells you I need to take more time for me now and then. Well, with my birthday coming up on May 9th and a few re-vamps of my mind about so much needed Mommy time, I decided

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Gleaning Opportunity

Ok, so if you all live in the Orange County area of Southern California, then I have an opportunity for you and your family. Tanka Farms, down here by me, is making available gleaning opportunities for you and your family. This is a great way to teach our kids about doing for others as well

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Right to Reasonably Resist Unlawful Police Entry Struck Down

For those of you who do not have HSLDA, I had to re-post this article from HSLDA. This is the big "WHY" if you have not spent the $100 a year for this wonderful service this is the why you need to  beg or borrow the $100 to get it. By the way, they are

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’19 Free Gifts’

Have you heard about the '19 Free Gifts' Promotion from our friends at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine?

Subscribe to TOS (or renew your two-year subscription) and in addition to a great magazine, you'll receive 19 free gifts, including…

> a Vocabulary Madness Puzzle Booklet from Shurley English > Building

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