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Outsourcing Life

When a builder builds a house, he subcontracts much of the work. The carpenter has a job; the plumber puts in the pipes. Together, they collaborate to create something useful and hopefully well-constructed.

Parents sometimes subcontract some of their jobs. We have the schools teach our children and the churches instill them with values.

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Simple New Year, Simple Fresh Start

New Year and change go together. We make New Year resolutions to promise ourselves change. We want to insure that this year will be different, fresh, and more workable.

Homeschool families feel the same way. We want to insure that daily life will be different, fresh and more workable in the New Year. The

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CHEA Newsletter & Free Devotional

For those of you who live in Southern California like myself, you are probably very aware of CHEA and may even be a member. I get regular newsletter from them and I enjoy the articles. Sometimes that will even spur me to start a topic on my blog. However, yesterday at my homeschool park day one

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Lego Club

I am sure many of you have either gone onto CurrClick many times before or at least have heard of it. Well, they offer these free Lego Club classes where science is involved in it too. Hmm…Learning and having fun. LOVE IT! You know what is fantastic about these classes? They are Free. Oh, I am

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Following the Rules

I was going to write an article about how you have a new year upon us and how we should start the new year with preparedness in homeschooling by joining HSLDA. Then I came across this wonderful article by Homeschool Inc. and I decided to repost it here instead. I could have not written it

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Celebrate Cerebrodiversity!

Men are from _______ , Women are from _______ . That boy just can't sit _______. Are you _______ to me? Keep your _______ on the board, young lady.

Venus, Mars, still, listening, eyes. Each of these phrases represents a concept in education and brain research called cerebrodiversity. It's the recognition that each of our

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New Year – New Vision

New Year's resolutions are fleeting things, leaving our minds with the next distraction. Rather than making resolutions, seek renewal. Renewal of yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally – and renewal of your approach and attitude.

Here are a few ideas to consider as we approach 2011:

1. Worry less. How many things we worry

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