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This Interview Brought to You by…

I love to ask my kids questions. You can learn a lot that way! Yes, I ask the traditional, "How was your day?" when an older child comes home from work, or from community college, or from a visit. But I also

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Study an Artist

Do you have a hard time teaching your children about artists? Have you ever thought after teaching you children about a particular artist that a week later they remember nothing? Yea, me too. One of the ways I have helped my children to remember things is either by note-booking or by lapbooking or my favorite,

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Personal Life

Weight Gain Joke

Ok, This is probably really, really wrong to post this on a homeschooling web site, but I am going to anyway because I think it is too funny not too! besides we are all woman and we can all relate to this in one way or another. Right?



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Used or New?

Most, if not all, homeschoolers wrestle with the decision of purchasing new or used education materials. As we've traveled to conferences, we've noticed that many of you first frequent the used book sales and then look to purchase new materials to match the editions you've found at the sale. In many instances, combining used

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Mom’s Sick Day

What happens when mom/teacher is under-the electric-blanket-set-on-10-and-shivering sick? If you have a substitute teacher to call (like grandma or a great friend), consider yourself lucky! You can "enjoy" a guilt-free day. But what if you don't have reinforcements to muster?       Your sick day might not look like a regular Mom’s Sick Day

Curriculum Reviews

All Chocolate, A Fun Study

You know I love chocolate. I am kind of weird and never liked it as a child, but my kids do. When I got the chance to do a study on chocolate for only a $1.00 I figured I could not loose. I have now found my favorite mini All Chocolate, A Fun Study

Local Mom Review

A Short Neurological Test

Ok, so this is one of those pass it along emails you get, but I thought it was very interesting, enough so I wanted to post it here. I was very amazed at how I was able to pick out the letters and actually A Short Neurological Test


How do you cook? Bet you teach that same way!

Do you rarely follow a recipe as written? Maybe you throw out the recipe altogether and start from scratch? When you teach, you probably write your own curriculum or take what you have and change it. We bet you shape

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Parental Rights.com

As ParentalRights.com announced last week, Senator Jim DeMint on Tuesday introduced S.R. 519, a resolution urging the President not to deliver the Convention on the Rights of the Child to the Senate for its advice and consent. Now it is time to make phone calls. We need 34 co-sponsors of S.R. 519 in

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Curriculum Reviews

All Owsl; A Fun Study

Growing up my father loved owls. That was his favorite animal. When he died I inherited several of his statues and knick-knacks of owls and they are all around my home. Now that my kids are older I think it may be time to explain exactly what these wonderful creations that my Dad was so

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Take a Walk with Your Camera!

Spring is a wonderful time of year to enjoy the outdoors after being inside most of the winter. Why not take your camera (and students) on a walk? You could use this as an art activity.      Next time you go for a walk or run errands, take the camera. Record your visit. What catches your

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Hummingbird Copy Work & Fun

You know one of the wonders of God is the hummingbird. They are an incredible creature and my kids love them. We have a humming bird feeder sitting right outside our schoolroom window. My kids wanted to learn more about these beautiful creatures so along came an amazing copy workbook all about hummingbirds.   Continue reading Hummingbird Copy Work & Fun


Homeschool Leaders Go To Washington

Homeschool Leaders Go To Washington

Will Estrada Director of Federal Relations

May 11, 2010

Eighty-three homeschool leaders spent three days in the Washington, D.C. area in April, lobbying members of Congress. These homeschool leaders represented homeschool organizations from 37 states and Puerto Rico, and came to the district as part of HSLDA’s National Homeschool

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Homeschooling: All Things

K-2 Earth and Space Science: Weather

The K-2 Earth and Space Science: Weather is such a fun unit study and I have only begun to really work with it. From the moment I opened this unit study I realized that this was my kind of workbook. I like it when a company has written everything out for you and that

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Teaching While Handling a Crisis

When we start to homeschool, we picture that we will teach our kids during "the best of times." We picture our children reading around a cozy kitchen table, on a porch, or in comfy chairs. We expect

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Homeschooling: All Things

America’s Monuments, Symbols, & National Parks Copywork & Fun!

Our countries great monuments are fascinating and most kids are enthralled by their grandeur and what they are and why they were made. But sometimes when our kids ask those questions we, as homeschoolers, think we much break out a huge unit study on this one thing that our child has asked us about. Well

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New Creation

New Creation

This video is from my church, Calvary Church of Santa Ana service on April 25th. I felt very privileged to be able to sing with our worship pastor, Victor, on this song. This was a very risky visual arts thing to do in a church, but it really worked and it was extremely

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